Boundless Possibilities

For over 20 years, Drawntime Design & Display has been integrating creativity, innovation and precision into our exceptional quality of retail merchandising displays: point-of-purchase displays, fixtures & floor stands utilizing the open sell display concept.

Design Development

Designs can be tailored and generated accordingly on a per project basis. Graphics are then visualized and rendered in 3D format for aesthetic and engineering reviews by clients, and by us for dual approvals


Once the graphics of designs are confirmed, samples will be produced and assessed prior to production


Quality Control is the key to production, and it is monitored through precision maximization with every step of production. From raw materials, production processes to final product assessments. Every procedure is under strict inspections to yield the highest quality possible

Product Security

Tests to make certain of the condition of goods in transit will always be performed. All orders are then documented and filed in our database for future references.