About Drawntime

25 years! Drawntime Display & Design Ltd., is an experienced and disciplined manufacturing enterprise with a specialized focus in product designing since 1995.

How Long Have We Been In Business?

All kinds of displays for cosmetics, fine jewelry, health products, glasses, fashion apparel & fashion jewelry.

In addition to manufacturing fixtures, we also provide complimentary services in designing your display, assistance in store aesthetics and product engineering.

What Kind of Displays Can We Provide?

Yes! We're constantly investing in the latest technology to give your displays more flexibility. At Drawntime, we do not wish to compromise creativity!

Can You Provide Computer-Generated Digital Printing?

Very possibly! Our clienteles are global and we also have our designs and products installed in over 200 duty-free stores, renowned department stores and upscale boutique stores around the globe!

Have I Seen Your Displays Before?
We Deliver Quality With Punctuality 

Where Can You Find Our Displays (By Country)

What Do We Believe In?


Innovation in technology is the key success factor we never stop investing in.


Great customer service starts with understanding the needs of our clients’ and able to troubleshoot effectively


Quality Control with Precision, Timely Response and Punctual Delivery.