Boundless Possibilities

Drawntime Display & Design Ltd., is an experienced and disciplined manufacturing enterprise with a specialized focus in product designing since 1996, located in Guangzhou, China.

about Drawntime

For 21 years, Drawntime has been providing services for adventures in the fields of cosmetics, jewelry, health products, fashion apparel and accessories. Our Clienteles are global, coming from Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark to name a few), North America (US, Canada), Australia, and the Middle East as indicated on the map above.

We utilize an assorted of modern technologies to render gild-edged compatibilities of goods in progress, among departments and workshops for the building of the final products.

We monitor the presence of new and advanced technology available closely, we invest in our flexibilities.

Drawntime prides itself on building and maintaining excellent customer relations upon Quality Control with Precision, Timely Response and Punctual Delivery.

Innovation in technology is the key success factor we never stop investing in.

Good customer service is to understand the needs of our clients’ and able to troubleshoot effectively.

Quality Control with Precision, Timely Response and Punctual Delivery.

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